Take back control of your life and business.

I help CEOs and visionary leaders handle the shadow side of success

Take back control of your life and business.


CEOs and visionary leaders come to me when all the putting out fires, solving other people’s problems and a neverending list of demands has put them in a high stressed state, where they aren’t as effective as they need to be.

Using my proven 4-step EVOLVED method I can help you open up new thought pathways that breakthrough the analysis paralysis, overthinking and the rollercoaster ride of emotions, and instead create radical confidence, amplified effectiveness and unshakeable emotional control.

I’ve helped these companies do that:

And I’ve helped people level up their thinking, to achieve personal and professional success…

People like…

Like Neil

Despite his success Neil was jumping around, not staying focused and not getting much done. He struggled making decisions, would procrastinate, lose focus and even though he knew he had a problem, he didn’t know how to break out of it.

Not anymore.

Now he’s clear headed, able to focus, broken through the procrastination and has the mental clarity to take the actions he needs to take.

In 90 days I can literally up-level your way of thinking, giving you the clear-headed focus to make better decisions, confidence to execute without overthinking, and emotional control to deal with new levels of stress and pressure—without getting hijacked by your emotions or losing your composure.

By the end you’ll be turning off overwhelm levers, breezing through old stress triggers and effectively managing your team.


The Evolved Program is an exclusive one-to-one 90 day transformation process and because of that joining is by application on.

To apply for a place book a call using the button below and we’ll take 30 minutes to have a friendly chat about where you’re at and where you want to get to, and from there see if working together to turn that vision into a reality is the right fit.

Like Tyler

When Tyler and I first spoke, he was working 14-hour days, had completely scattered thoughts, was bouncing around from one task to the next and stretched himself thin to the point he wasn’t executing, making decisions or creating the impact he wanted to make.

Since working together he has tapped into his full potential, allowing him to work faster, think more clearly and erase stress, all while 4xing his income.

Who is Byron Morrison?

Hey, I’m Byron Morrison and I’m a best selling author, speaker, and mindset and high-performance strategist.

But life wasn’t always this way. Check out my story of how many dad’s cancer led to starting my mission.