The EVOLVED Program.

For Impact driven CEOs and Business Leaders who want to take back control of their life in business, so that they can breakthrough to the next level.

Here’s how the proven, 4-step Evolved Method works.

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Who is this for?

CEOs, founders and visionary leaders come to me when they’re feeling overwhelmed in their business, in a state of analysis paralysis, overthinking decisions, unsure what to focus on or prioritize, and on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

In 90 days I can literally up-level your way of thinking, giving you the clear-headed focus to make better decisions. You’ll get confidence to execute without overthinking, and emotional control to deal with new levels of stress and pressure—without getting hijacked by your emotions or losing your composure.

By the end you’ll be turning off overwhelm levers, breezing through stress triggers and effectively manage your team.

You’ll get the mental and emotional bandwidth to create a greater impact on the world around you, breakthrough income barriers and create a balanced life of freedom on your terms.

Here are some of my favourite success stories:

Neil now achieves more in a day than he would have in a month.

“I was jumping around, not staying focused therefore not getting much done, not making decisions, not being able to figure out how to break out of that.”

All of which was massively impacting his success, performance and results.

Now is clear headed, able to focus, broken through the procrastination and has the mental clarity to take the actions he needs to take.

Because of that, he’s able to get more done, is happier and more confident.

For Tyler, it went from 14-hour days to 4 times the income

When Tyler and I first spoke, he was working 14-hour days, had completely scattered thoughts, was bouncing around from one task to the next and stretched himself thin. 

He was no longer executing, making decisions or creating the impact he wanted to make.

Since working together he has tapped into his full potential and learnt how to make choices that work for him. This allowed him to work faster, think more clearly and erase stress, all while 4xing his income.

Max found his voice, energy and self-control as a leader

Max shares his progress 6 weeks after starting to work together. Since starting he’s more in control of his emotions and better handling stress, more confident in making key decisions, delegating tasks, showing up powerfully in meetings and redefining who he wants to be not just as a CEO, but as a person.
And on top of all that, he’s found balance, making time for himself, and steadily progressing towards his goals, energized and in control of his own future.

For Michael, “It was the best money I ever spent on myself”

When Michael came to me he was lost. He had a successful business, but he was trapped, going through the motions, feeling empty, unfulfilled and knowing he wasn’t at this potential.

Since, he’s reignited his confidence and self-worth, has regained his passion for his work and found his excitement for life.

And as for the rest, check out what he had to say to hear it for yourself.

Corporate burnout becomes good sleep, energy, focus

After several promotions and rising to the top, Carl found himself in a situation where he was completely burnt out from life in the corporate world. This left him feeling like a fraud, as he was constantly doubting himself and questioning his self-worth. After several months of trying to push through it, he cracked, causing him to lose control of his emotions, have regular panic attacks and severe anxiety…

Combined with no direction or purpose, left him feeling completely lost and falling apart.

In our time together he finally has clarity on where he is going, is no longer held back by fear, is in control of his emotions and regained his confidence.

Finally being able to take the pressure off himself, to feel good about who he is, improving his sleep, energy, focus and emotional health…Above all else… He’s happy.

A vision of freedom and success, on its path to reality

Like so many others Rohan was spending hours each day consuming content from all these ‘gurus’. And sure, it got him ‘hyped up’, but he was taking so much in, but not actually implementing or doing anything with it.

And it was so frustrating for him, as he was getting caught up in the overwhelm of his goals, leaving him pulled in multiple directions and unsure how to turn his vision of freedom and success into a reality.

Fast forward to today and he’s no longer battling brain fog and his ‘own worst enemy’. He’s focused, feeling confident, passionate and excited about life.

“I felt like I levelled-up

As a Senior Director, Josh was stretched thin, stressed and constantly pulled in multiple directions.

Together we helped him take back control, as he became more proactive, a better leader and reach a state of peak performance.

Jens needed to learn to take the pressure off

Before we started Jens was lost, overworked, burning himself out and controlled by fear.

He had so much pressure on himself to make his business succeed, that he was pushed to a point of constantly procrastinating, with self-destructive behaviours that sabotaging pretty much every aspect of his life.

Now he has found his passion and purpose, has shattered through his fears and is balancing his business success with his family.

TYLER’S 6 months on update

Tyler shares an update 6 months after working together, and how by breaking through his sabotaging beliefs he was able to secure his dream job, is now earning more in a week than he used to in a month, has amplified his confidence and is finally feeling happy and fulfilled.

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