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About Byron


My name’s Byron Morrison. I’m the author of the best-selling book ‘Become A Better You’, speaker, as well as a Mindset and High-Performance Coach.

I help high-achievers tap into their full potential, making them UNSTOPPABLE in their life and business.

Life wasn’t always this way though, as a few years ago I was overweight, burnt out, on an emotional rollercoaster and crumbling to the stress around me, with anxiety and a lack of confidence holding me back from the life I truly wanted.

After my dad’s cancer and seeing the pain and suffering he went through during his treatment (including having most of his bowel surgically removed and spending 25 days in ICU, most of that on life support and breathing through a tracheostomy, I realised I had to change my ways.

On that journey I learnt everything I could about mindset, psychology, health and high performance, writing a best selling book along the way.

Since then I’ve been on a mission to help as many people as possible tap into their full potential, so that they too can take control of an extraordinary life.

I have previously run workshops, talks and seminars across the UK for a range of events and companies, from the NHS to the Co-operative, Siemens and various other organisations.

I’ve also also been featured and interviewed on publications, podcasts and radio shows globally.

Topics of expertise:

All speaking activities are tailored for purpose and the audience in attendance. Topics include:

  • Mindset, resiliance and managing stress
  • Mental health
  • High performance, boosting productivity and time management
  • Nutrition, healthy eating, sleep and general wellbeing
  • Employee wellbeing and work-life balance


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